Tiki on the Rocks

Classic tiki recipes from years gone by served in a double old fashioned glass on the rocks.  These spirit forward concoctions evolve with time and dilution.  Take a sip, relax, and watch the time slip by…

MAI-TAI (Trader Vic 1944 recipe)

Rhum Agricole, Jamaican rum, Curaçao, lime juice, orgeat, simple syrup, and an Overproof Demerara rum float

SINGAPORE SLING (Raffles Hotel 1937 recipe)

London Dry Gin, Cherry Heering, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda

SUFFERING BASTARD (Shepheard’s Hotel 1942 recipe)

London Dry Gin, Curaçao, lime juice, simple syrup, ginger beer, and bitters

TEST PILOT (Don the Beachcomber 1941 recipe)

Jamaican rum, Blended Light rum, Curaçao, Absinthe, falernum, lime juice, and bitters

TRADER VIC GROG (Trader Vic 1960 recipe)

Jamaican rum, lemon and pineapple juices, passion fruit syrup, and bitters

PORT AU PRINCE (Don the Beachcomber 1939 recipe)

Haitian and Barbados rums, lime and pineapple juices, falernum, simple syrup, grenadine, and bitters

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